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Signs That You Are An Emotional Punching Bag For Someone Else| Dr Manju Antil| Wellnessnetic Care| Mental health advice

When someone has a really tough day, they might get angry at you even though you didn't do anything wrong. That means you're their emotional punching bag or scapegoat, and they use you to release all of their anger and stress.

Here we are going to discuss What it mean to become someone's emotional punching bag 

An 'emotional punching bag' refers to someone who soaks up the negativity and intense emotions of other people at their own expense and is usually a high-empathy person.

Here are some signs that you are one of them.

1. You feel like you are taking up way more emotional labor than they are doing for you

2. They brush off your concerns or redirect it to themselves when you talk about your problems, you never feel listened to

3. Whenever they're angry at someone else, you feel like they're directing it at you even though you've done nothing wrong

4. After every conversation you feel extremely fatigued but they refreshed

5. They feel entitled to your time and energy but they don't reciprocate that when you need help -- you are taken for granted

6. You sometime feel like a parent to the person instead of the role you actually play (friend, partner, colleague, etc) 
7. You feel like you've lost touch of who you are and your self-esteem drops -- your life revolves around them instead of you

Someone who is an emotional punching bag are often (but not always) folks with a history of trauma who prioritize others' needs above their own and/or empaths and chronic people-pleasers.

If this is you, please don't be afraid to stand up for yourself even if it means a tough conversation -- voicing your concerns is much more helpful than just 'taking it. Remember that a healthy relationship is both give and take.

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